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Advisor Program Overview

Affiliate Program is a level-based referral program for users of the WYscale Staking platform. The program features an unlimited number of referral levels that are structured as a level up to 20. Its main purpose is incentivizing people to promote the WYscale Staking platform among their friends, followers, and communities to make their WYZth work for them to earn rewards.

All advisors who use WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund have a place in the referral structure.

A unique identifier of place in the referral structure is generated ID.

In WYscale Stake you get an extra identifier as a wallet address.

There are 2 several special cases:

  1. You already have a WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund account and you do not have a WYscale Staking account yet. You attach a wallet to WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund and then you start using the WYscale Staking account with the same wallet - in this case, you will have only one place created in the referral structure automatically.
  2. You have a WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund account and you attached your wallet to it first. After attaching the wallet to the WYscale Staking account, the system will ask you to choose one of two referral places to become the main place. Another referral place will exist but you will not use it and not get rewards from it anymore.

All referral rewards from advisors are calculated based on the total business done in the past 30 days cycle.

Rewards for WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund activities are only applicable to their only because staking works only on WYscale Staking.