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WYScale Staking

WYscale Staking is the decentralized staking platform on the market with an Affiliate referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). We are a decentralized staking platform for WYZth and ETH/BNB over the Multichain feature.

Key Features of WyScale Staking

We got the ability to stake with a 0% fee - How that sounds? All thanks to utilitarian staking where you get rewards aligning with the amount you put in Stake Pool.

With our Unique WyScale CeDeFi ecosystem you get the best of the two worlds. Get returns and rewards just for using WyScale centralized or decentralized platforms! With WYscale CeFi you get an opportunity to invest in Crypto Mutual Fund to get significant returns without taking the much risk. Whereas WYscale also brings an opportunity to earn via. Staking your ETH and WYZth or other pairs against the WYZth ratio to earn the rewards in USDT.

With Utilitarian Staking, you’re not just holding your crypto to grow but also get to earn extra rewards, referral program qualification, and cashback size bigger than anything for the amount of value kept in staking pools with our token.

It's a win-win situation because you get Referral rewards from 3 types of activities - rewards from stakes, Mutual Fund,s and tokens you’ve earned via referral programs.

Our powerful Affiliate referral program with 2 types of rewards gives you rewards based on the activities of your own direct referrals and more rewards for the activities of the whole referral team you have build under you - How cool is that?

If you are all about freedom, privacy and being captain of your own ship, you’re at the right place! We are committed to give you the experience of true value, equity, and innovation in every step of your DEFI journey through out high-quality products and services.

WyScale is safe, secure, and fast! Stake and earn rewards now! Let your WYZth now work for you!


Say good bye to energy costs and say hello to easy rewards. You can stake your WYZth and ETH to the WYscale Stake and get a new wrapped zk token in return. It is like making a deposit at the bank, your tokens will be actively generating income for you. If you’re holding on to some WYZth, why not let them do the heavy work for you? Don’t let them sit there idly, instead put them to work in a Staking Pool and start earning.

Get it on the action and start staking your WYZth and earn an incredible annual percentage.



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