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Real World Assets

Real world assets (RWAs) are increasingly being tokenized and brought on-chain, merging traditional and crypto finance. Tokenization allows real world assets like real estate, commodities, invoices, and more to become tokenized as digital assets on blockchains. This opens up new opportunities for exposure, fractional ownership, 24/7 trading, and embedded smart contract functionality.

What potential benefits can RWAs provide for crypto investors?

Real world assets (RWAs) offer several compelling benefits as an asset class for crypto investors:

  • Diversification: The underlying value of RWAs derives from real-world demand drivers rather than crypto market cycles. This means RWAs have low correlation to cryptocurrencies, providing portfolio diversification.
  • Lower Volatility: Assets with tangible real-world value tend to be less volatile than crypto assets that lack inherent value backing. RWAs can help smooth out volatility in a crypto portfolio.
  • Yield Opportunities: Certain RWAs generate reliable cash flows, like rental income from real estate or royalty payments from music rights. This cash flow can provide portfolio yield.
  • Tangible Backing: Having real-world assets and cash flows backing a crypto asset provides downside protection compared to pure crypto tokens. RWAs have fundamental value even in bear markets.
  • Bridging Finance: Tokenizing real-world assets allows seamlessly moving traditional assets on-chain and trading 24/7. This bridges traditional and crypto finance.

In summary, RWAs open up a range of new opportunities for crypto investors, from diversification to yield. As adoption of asset tokenization grows, the scope of investable RWAs will expand greatly. WYScale is positioned at the forefront of this convergence.

Why did we enter RWA?

WYScale recognizes the potential benefits of thoughtfully incorporating RWAs into portfolio strategies. We are actively researching various asset types that can be tokenized, from real estate to royalties, invoices, and infrastructure projects. Tokenization creates the possibility for decentralized, around-the-clock trading of conventional real world assets.

Overview of Current Live Arbitrum Round

WYScale is currently running an exciting live round focused on Arbitrum, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum. This round offers public participation for DeFi users and liquidity providers to get exposure to Arbitrum's native token, ARB.


BridgingUtilizes Arbitrum's bridging capabilities, allowing participants to easily bridge from WYZth to Arbitrum.
Investment Exposure50/50 split between wrapped ARB (wARB) and native ARB, providing balanced exposure.
IncentivesStrong incentives offered fully in ARB tokens, up to 100% of investment amount.
Multiplier PotentialArbitrum incentives could provide up to 12x multiplier for participants.
AnalyticsPartnered with Geometry for detailed analytics and performance tracking.

The round is structured as a public participation event for DeFi users happening right now. We encourage interested users to participate early as capacity may be limited. This round offers an exciting opportunity to leverage Arbitrum's capabilities for speed, scalability and incentives.

Overview of Upcoming WYZzk - ITO Round

WYScale is hosting an initial DEX offering (IDO) round for WYZzk, an innovative ZK rollup token built as a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. This public round offers early access and attractive incentives for participating.

Some of the key parameters include

  • Total supply of 10 million WYZzk, with 55% proof of reserves at launch.
  • 55% of supply allocated in the IDO round.
  • Trading on WYZzk/USDT pair, with initial price of $0.0123 per WYZzk
  • $20 target lockup period before unrestricted trading
  • Up to 25%+ in participation rewards and 5% incentives offered
  • Minimum investment of $20 in WYZzk
  • Up to 3x multiplier on incentives in the form of WYZzk tokens
  • 10% trading fee and 5% development fee structure
  • Round runs January 22-25, 2023


BlockchainWYZ Zk
Supply10M total, 55% reserves
Allocation55% to IDO round
Trading pairWYZzk/ USDT
Price0.0123 initial
IncentivesUp to 25%+ rewards, 5% incentives

NOTE: The round provides a chance to gain early exposure to WYZzk and benefit from its growth potential. WYZzk leverages ZK rollup technology for scaling, speed and low transaction costs on Ethereum.