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Loan Against Staking

WYscale offers a unique DeFi Loan to potential staking opportunities. We offer to take collateral to stake for the ETH or other alts as in Matic or BNB.

Loan or assets against security depends upon the risk appetite. We have formed a system where you may take a loan against the Staking appetite, which means keeping the ETH for 10-30% and getting the 100% of the same as the loan and staking it further to get the returns.

We have formed a sample eg. for the same :

Total InvestmentWyzth + EthLock-in Months
Total InvestmentWyzth + EthLoan tenure% of LoanLending amount% of APR / Interest
10010/900-3 Months20% on ETH184.5%
4-6 Months40%364.75%
7-9 Months60%545.0 %
Total InvestmentWyzth + EthLoan tenure% of LoanLending amount% of APR / Interest
10020/800-3 Months10% on ETH84.0%
4-6 Months20% on ETH164.10%
7-9 Months30% on ETH244.25%
10-12 Months40% on ETH324.35%
13-15 Months50% on ETH404.45%
16-18 Months60% on ETH484.55%
19-21 Months70% on ETH564.75%

The above table shows a basic for the loan and collateral, the same follows for 24 to 48 months. The difference comes in the collateral, interest, and payment period. This same can be forwarded to the respective returns for the stuck loans against the collateral of the alt. coins.

  1. Defi Investor have to late-payment charges of 5% on lending amount. .
  2. Early closure chargers are 2% on lending amount.
  3. Forfeited or temporary suspension of accounts on failure of consecutive 2 late-paymnets.
  4. Compound of 3% on non-payment will be implied until paid.