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NAV Baskets

WYscale is a leading decentralized digital asset management company focused on bridging the gap between digital asset trading & investments and creating a less lucrative and highly rewarding ecosystem for DeFi users. At WYscale, we believe in creating long-term valuation for DeFi-users through a wide range of diversified crypto investment solutions. We offer lucrative APY(annual percentage yield) on our platform and ensure you earn a passive income with us.

WYscale offers diversified investment funds—curated and managed through Blockchain technology — that cover the spectrum of available digital assets in DeFi. It’s like investing in crypto on autopilot, automatically purchasing or rebalancing, or reallocating to the currencies that our sophisticated algorithms recommend.

Wyscale is fully decentralized and provides transparent investing options without hassle. WYscale will be live on Wyzth chain, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon chain, and Tron Chain with Metamask, TronLink pro, and Wywallet being premised wallets to use.

By accessing WYscale DApp & Web3.0, anyone can invest in crypto Mutual funds and SIP.

A list of a few mutual funds you can invest in through WYscale is mentioned below rest can be found on wyscale :

Large, Mid & Small Market Cap Fund

Much like in the stock market, the world of cryptocurrencies also has large, mid, and small-cap coins and tokens. The Fully Diluted Value (FDV) of a coin is the total market capitalization based on all coins that can ever be created. When we say low cap, mid-cap, and high cap, it is a reference to circulating cap size relative to other cryptos.

  • Small-cap crypto is a currency with a market capitalization usually in the $5–15 million range.
  • Midcaps range between $100 million and $500 million.
  • Cryptos bearing a market cap of more than $500 million are widely circulated and marketed–and earn the large-cap tag.

Market Maker Fund

Market making consists in providing liquidity on a defined cryptocurrency by submitting both bid and ask limit orders on crypto.

Market makers make a profit by collecting the bid-ask spread over multiple trades. Market success requires both effective risk management and quick, stable technology. Market-making funds give the token adequate liquidity so that investors and founders can liquidate their positions more readily.

No risk APY Fund

A decentralized financial fund that pays users with a fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that is sustainable. By simply buying and holding crypto in your wallet, you earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into your wallet. Here, APY is fixed and your tokens increase in a specific default time period. Fixed APY funds generally have a lock-in period of 1-12 months.

Liquidity Providing Fund

Liquidity pools are an innovation of the crypto industry, with no immediate equivalent in traditional finance.

Liquidity pools are smart contracts containing locked crypto tokens that have been supplied by the platform's users.

They’re self-executing and don’t need intermediaries to make them work. Liquidity pools also serve as hotbeds for investors with an appetite for high risk and high reward.

Moderate Crypto Fund

The fund’s strategy is to find moderate assets in the blockchain space.

It aims to buy a certain amount worth of blockchain assets for a specific time and make returns on the purchase of the assets, rather than buying them at fair market value and letting them rise.

This way it can apply a value approach while capturing the growth of the still-young industry.

New token venture capital Fund

This Fund’s primary strategy is to make direct investments in pre-ICO tokens created by teams and entrepreneurs who are building new technologies (protocols) in the blockchain ecosystem. Through this fund, you can invest in early-stage tokens with liquidity horizons of a minimum of 1-3 years to receive an asymmetric risk/reward tradeoff.

Through WYscale SIP, one can spread their investments in regular intervals (weekly, monthly, long-term) and combat the volatility of the crypto market.

Start a SIP with as low as $50, and set the SIP frequency. You just need a wallet and add funds through UPI & fiat wallets to start a SIP through WYscale. Investors can also choose to invest in a particular crypto or a crypto basket. They can also gradually increase their investment over time to reach their goals faster.

WYscale Crypto Mutual Fund baskets you can invest in Lumpsum as well. All the investments can be tracked via. Dashboards for the invested capital and return over it and above. WYS provides no lockin baskets and lockin baskets are divided according to the risk appetite of DeFi Investors as we believe in the Higher the Returns, the Higher the Risk, so taking everyone on the same HODL of Crypto Investments baskets are curated.

Every basket has its unique allocation of assets and risk in nature. We provide Fact Sheet every month to give an overview of where the money has been invested by the WYS Investments Team of professionals. NAV changes daily as per the market conditions and so do your returns in that particular strategy-based basket.

DeFi Investors can withdraw their interest and if finds it best they can reinvest the same as well. Also if they need they can close their Crypto Mutual Fund basket at any time and withdraw all of their investments along with the returns generated by our team. All the NAV baskets come with the same and lowest possible management fees of 1% per month. We at the WYscale team are moving forward to maintain transparency and trading activity by mentioning the Fund details page with other documents attached to it as well.

DetailsNAV Strategy based Baskets investment
TenureComes with both Lockin and No Lockin (depends on strategy and basket requirements)
Minimum Deposit$50
INR DepositINR 5000/-
Mode of InvestmentsINR/Crypto
Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal OptionsWeb3 Wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet
INR Deposit/Withdrawal OptionsOnramp, Onmeta, and Alpyne Labs
Basket ReturnsWYS committed to providing max. returns possible over and above 40% APY which can even go up to 200% APY as well. These are variable and depend on market conditions.
Application ProcessEnd-to-End Online
e-KYC MandateUp to INR 20,000 No, Above INR 20,000 via. Payment Gateway Partners Only
WYscale Management Fees0.15% of Capital per month
SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)WYS Crypto Mutual Funds offers SIP as low as $50 per month.
SIP missed payment charges5% of missed SIP payment
SIP missed for consecutive 3 months$5 or 10% whichever is higher of monthly penalty charges of missed months SIP with cease of Withdrawals