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Extra rewards for advisor

In an advisory affiliate program, the Advisors are entitled to receive a fixed income every month with the conditions mentioned below. Though this also depends on which level the advisor is to earn the income.

Active Fix Commission On direct business in USDT - TRC/POL./BSC/BUSD Or in INR as per the choice of the advisor they can take the withdrawal the below table gives an insight into the condition to be eligible for the same:-

Time PeriodMBG with splitFix commission
MonthlyOn 2000 $INR 3,000 or USDT
MonthlyOn 4000 $INR 7,000
MonthlyOn 6000 $INR 10,000
MonthlyOn 8000 $INR 14,000
MonthlyOn 10000 $INR 18000
MonthlyOn 12000 $INR 21000
MonthlyOn 14000 $INR 25000
MonthlyOn 16,000 $ & aboveINR 30000

Note : On above $16000 the DeFi Advisor is entitled to receive only INR 30,000/- only.