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Team Rewards

The Investment Advisory is entitled to receive the team rewards in the form of different ways out of them few are mentioned here. These rewards will be all in stables viz. USDT of TRC-20, Matic, BNB, or INR as per the choice.

Office Expense - On team business as per the table below : If the team of up to 20 Level and getting their fixed incomes as mentioned above, the corporate/head/Top-upline would be entitled :

MBG with splitFix Expense
On 11,000- 15,000 $INR 10,000
On 15,001-20,000 $INR  15,000
On 20,001-30,000 $INR  20,000
On 30,001-50,000 $INR  30,000
On 50,001-75,000 $INR  50,000
0n 75001-100,000 $INR 75,000
On 100,001$ & aboveINR  1,00,000

Media / Training / Travelling / Meets expense - on team business below the Master Affiliate Referral Code : These rewards will be distributed on Quarterly performance based viz. as mentioned with Minimum business in that particular Quarter will be entitled to the team rewards.

MBG with splitFix Expense
On 3,00,000 $INR 3,00,000
On 5,00,000 $INR 5,00,000
On 7,00,000 $INR 7,00,000
On 10,00,000 $INR 10,00,000

Team management fixes commission: The mentioned rewards are based on team members under the master Affiliate Referral Code. The above conditions will also be taken into consideration to be eligible for this team reward.

Team sizeTeam MBG with splitFix management commission
Upto 100Upto 100,000 $INR 50,000
100-150100,001-1,50,000INR 60,000
151-2001,50,001-2,00,000INR 80,000
201-5002,00,001-5,00,000INR 1.5 LACS
501-10005,00,001-10,00,000INR 3.0 LACS
1001 & above10,00,001 & aboveINR 5.0 LACS