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Invest in Long Term & Max Benefits

WYscale Stake offers a unique viz. going to be the most likable Staking Pool for all DeFi Investors. Although the time period is longer i.e. 60 months (5 years) this gives returns to multi-folds.

In this particular pool split ratio b/w the WYZth and Alts. is with a huge margin and giving an opportunity to utilize the max. of WYZ coins and earn the APY in stable USDT of Multichain (ERC20/BEP20/TRC20/INR)

Here is the table below gives an insight into making the max. WYZth work for you to earn the rewards :

Total InvestmentWyzth + EthLock-in MonthsAPY @ PMUn-lock Amount /Months
10060/406018% @ 1.5100/60

We offer a special extra benefit to this particular Staking Pool, so like you might have heard of we will be offering Dividends to all the DeFi Investors of this particular pool. This dividend will be paid out every year at the end or in the last of the 12th month from Staked Date. Here is a glimpse of the dividend which will be paid out every year to DeFi Investors:

Year/ MonthsDividend % on the Invested amount

The above mentioned though is subject to be changeable as per the Market and other conditions, but WYscale Team makes sure to provide the max. Dividends every year. Also please note that all the Dividends will be in Stable USDT of multi-chain or INR as per your choice of yours.

  1. All APY payouts will be i.e. once every month you can withdraw the payout funds.
  2. As mentioned above also all payouts will be stable viz. USDT - TRC/POLYGON/BNB/BUSD Or in INR (through our payment gateway partners)
  3. WYZth will be going to have a fixed price of 20$ throughout the period of the investment.