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Invest in Mid Term

WYscale Staking offers another staking opportunity for the time range of 24 months to 48 months. The difference of the ratio b/w WYZth and ETH/BNB/TRX/Matic etc. differs according to the period of Staking Pool.

As mentioned in short-term stake all the payouts of the APY interests will be in stables i.e. USDT of multi-chain or INR depending upon the DeFi Investor risk appetite and favorable mode of Withdrawal.

Here is the table below for a reference of the split ratio b/w WYZth and other Alts. to Stake in the particular Term :

Total InvestmentWyzth + Eth/BNB/Alts.Lock-in MonthsAPY @ PMUn-lock Amount /Months
10020/802438% @ 3.16100/24
10040/603630% @ 2.5100/36
10050/504824% @ 2.0100/48
  1. All APY payouts will be i.e. once every month you can withdraw the payout funds.
  2. As mentioned above also all payouts will be stable viz. USDT - TRC/POLYGON/BNB/BUSD Or in INR (through our payment gateway partners)
  3. WYZth will be going to have a fixed price of 20$ throughout the period of the investment.