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Invest in Short Term

The users are entitled to receive the returns in the form of stables viz. TRC-20, BSC, Matic, or zkEVM USDT, and others in the form of coins other than WYZth, which you may start from to work for you.

We offer multi-chain support to stakes in the form of ETH, BNB, Matic, TRX, etc. There are many ways to invest in the respective ratio of the WYZth. This Staking Protocol offers earning opportunities for as less as 12 months of period.

This means you need to stake for 12 months and take up the monthly returns of Interest as well and on the maturity of the Pool you will get the collateral returned viz. ETH or BNB or other used initially.

Here is the eg. for the investment :

Total InvestmentWyzth + EthLock-in MonthsAPY @ PMUn-lock Amount /Months
10010/901242% @ 3.5100/12
  1. All APY payouts will be in once every month you can withdraw the payout funds.
  2. As mentioned above also all payouts will be stable viz. USDT - TRC/POLYGON/BNB/BUSD Or in INR (through our payment gateway partners)
  3. WYZth will be going to have a fixed price of 20$ throughout the period of the investment.